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Here I am always gasping about clothes, style and appearances in general, while never discussing the crucial basis of looks: a great smile. Though it might be a topic on the edge of too obvious, we all wish for the whitest teeth of the town.

I have a good mouth full of teeth, never had any holes, pain or any problems as such. I brush my teeth twice a day and sometimes (when I feel like it) I treat them on a happy flossing session. In other words, I do what I can for a good bright smile. Maintaining a bright smile goes hand in hand with using the right stuff. Whenever shopping for a new stock of pastes, I always pick those rapped up in mega bling-bling packages and covered with the most technical features (holographic pictures), other than reading its purposes. They all clean, right? And though I have tried almost everything that is out there, my teeth never seemed whiter or cleaner due to a certain kind of paste. So lately I was just going for the right taste, other than listening to the best promises written on the boxes.

It wasn't until I tried the Prodent-White Now Gold, which also claimed it would make my smile whiter directly after just the first time of brushing, I immediately saw a difference. Now I am not talking about the blue paste across my teeth while brushing (again, technicality), it was the whiter sight of my smile that made the difference. Instantly. 

I feel you, this sounds too good to be true. I understand, seriously! But this is the truth. The only way to find out is to give the Prodent-White Now Gold a serious try.



  1. Grappig waar je 'voorheen' je keuze altijd op baseerde. Al moet ik bekennen dat ik momenteel ook met een pasta uit een holografisch tubetje poets, dus misschien doe ik dat onbewust ook! ; )


  2. You look so pretty! Love the second picture!

  3. I know it is not a post about clothes, but I love your coat!!!! ;)

  4. Leuke advertorial, en mooie foto's!

    Jules x

  5. Die lipstift staat je echt goed!