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 O B S E S S I O N    P R A C T I C E 

Somehow I managed to do this. May I remind you that I am very bad in precise crafty things. And damn, I'm really in love with this look. 

HOW TO | Apply basecoat. Apply two layers of your base color ( I used Hema 101, deep purple). Wait until these layers are well dried. Then, pour some of the second color (I used Wild & More 81) on some paper, dab with a foundation sponge and when the base color layers are dried, put the the second color on the upper part of your nails. Make sure you make strokes, other than dabbing (this will give a different texture to your upper nail, which is a shame). Finish the look off with a topcoat et voila! 

! Make sure you use two colors that work complementary to each other. Either go for huge contrast or a subtle difference, like mine.


  1. Wow super pretty nail polish color ! Love it ! Xx nadine

  2. Ah wat ziet dat er vet uit! Super goed gedaan!

  3. Super mooi!
    Dit ga ik ook een keer proberen :)

    Fijne dag! X

  4. Love it!! one of my new year resolutions is not to be as lazy and paint my nails more often!!