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Hans Ubbink AW12/13


 H A N S     U B B I N K 

The Hans Ubbink AW12|13 fashion show, the first of many that will follow next week during Amsterdam Fashion Week. A show mostly characterized by textures, prints and bold colors. Hans Ubbink's formal and sophisticated signature once again formed the leading thread in this collection. Apart from all the fashion, Hans Ubbink always manages to give some extra "spunk" to his show through the brilliant use of locations. This time, not Carre but (nowhere other than) the enormous Gashouder. Sideways of the catwalk were enlighted by fluorescent tubes, which I thought was absolutely awesome - welcome to Star trek (never watched Star trek, but this is what I would think it would look like in our times ;).


  1. The runway looks amazing, those light tubes make such a great impression. Also, I think Gashouder is the perfect place for fashion shows. This looks great!

  2. great and simple collection! i love the colours of the women collection

  3. Mooie foto's, ziet er leuk!:)

    xx Laura

  4. True! En je hebt nog mooie foto's kunnen maken, zeg! Leuk je eens - zij het kort - te hebben gesproken :)