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5 months have passed, I'm halfway on my Parisian journey, in which I have discovered over more than 30 new must-visits for when you're staying in Paris. Spread around this cosmopolitan city spots may vary from local designer boutiques to the most exquisite vintage stores, from hidden sexy cocktail bars to gastronomic kitchens, from touristic sights to secretive romantic courtyards or just the place to be for the young kids. 

With Paris Fashion Week just around the corner, and tons of questions in the mailbox, there's no better time to launch my newest guide with you today.

I quote myself in my previous 'LizaChloe Guide of Paris' feature:

"To let you fully understand and respect the guide, I need to explain my way of selecting. First of, if you have never been to Paris, please stick to the traditional guides. If you're visiting Paris with your boyfriend, girlfriends or just alone, this is your new friend. 

All gems that were chosen, were chosen on personal taste. Meaning, you'll not find me in vintage stores soon, so in order to let a vintage store make the cut, it needs to be mind-blowing. Also, the Eiffel tower is not mentioned as an actual must-visit. I have seen it up-close last weekend, I found it terribly disappointing. The glittery lights in the night lidding up the city of Paris in the distance was much more a spectacle for me than the actual visit. Shops as Sandro, Zadig & Voltaire & Kooples that can be found on every corner of the street, are not a reason to go off-map, so they did not make the cut. 

What did? Those places you always imagined yourself being, the dark and mysterious clubs where Karl Lagerfeld sometimes does his dance. Or just that local bistro where all young fashionable Parisians meet up for a casual coffee date. And obviously the stores with the most impressive interior, collection and/or personality. "

A total of 75 (!) treasures have been collected, I am convinced there is something worth visiting for every soul. So, wait no longer. Feel free to share with friends, the more the better !

Please be so kind to let me know whenever you have hit the streets of Paris with the help of my guide ! And obviously, if you have some tips you believe should be featured on this map, tell me !



  1. Ik ga eind maart naar Parijs, kan niet wachten!

    X Sabine

  2. I must say that Im actually quite disapointed with your selection.Ive spent quite some time in Paris myself and I would've expected something more than a selection of shops everybody knows,clubs that everybody heard of all around the globe and pretty much nothing more than any decent book guide would recommend,vintage shops included. Even if Im not the biggest fan of this city I know it has to offer many more of charming płaces that you can bump into accidentally which are able to outshine all of shopping spots and trendy cafes.

  3. Wow, 75 hotspots! Heel cool dat je de moeite neemt om deze met ons te delen! :)

    X Marjolein - Never Too

  4. Whoa I love it! I need to go to Paris soon! Thank you for sharing and it's been a blast following you during your Paris adventures and the amazing outfit posts! Hope the next 5 months will be a blast for you.
    XO Laura

  5. Kan niet wachten om weer naar Parijs te gaan. Is echt al zo ontzettend lang geleden! Ga meteen even naar je hotspots kijken ;) xx