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I'm very excited to share this with you, my first map of my finest addresses in Paris! It has been 5 weeks and some holidays in Paris to gather these 43 must-visits. From coolest shops, flea-markets to exclusive clubs and hidden restaurants, they are all on my monthly calendar. 

To let you fully understand and respect the guide, I need to explain my way of selecting. First of, if you have never been to Paris, please stick to the traditional guides. If you're visiting Paris with your boyfriend, girlfriends or just alone, this is your new friend. 

All gems that were chosen, were chosen on personal taste. Meaning, you'll not find me in vintage stores soon, so in order to let a vintage store make the cut, it needs to be mind-blowing. Also, the Eiffel tower is not mentioned as an actual must-visit. I have seen it up-close last weekend, I found it terribly disappointing. The glittery lights in the night lidding up the city of Paris in the distance was much more a spectacle for me than the actual visit. Shops as Sandro, Zadig & Voltaire & Kooples that can be found on every corner of the street, are not a reason to go off-map, so they did not make the cut. 

What did? Those places you always imagined yourself being, the dark and mysterious clubs where Karl Lagerfeld sometimes does his dance. Or just that local bistro where all young fashionable Parisians meet up for a casual coffee date. And obviously the stores with the most impressive interior, collection and/or personality. 

It has only been 5 weeks here, so hopefully many new addresses will be added to the list.  Also, the tons of exciting tips you have given me! But, in order to do that, I need to explore and hunt. Which takes time, but with another 9 months ahead, I am convinced many new gems will be discovered and many new guides will follow. 
So it's time for the good stuff, launching... my first guide!! Click here for the actual map.


If you're ever on the road with my guide, let me know ! Would love to hear if it satisfies your Parisian needs :) Enjoy ! 



  1. it's amazing idea)i' goinng to Paris next year on my Birth Day)i think it'll be super holiday!
    thaks for sharing your map

    Polly with love from Russia

  2. Zoo leuk!!! Deze staat bij mijn favorieten. Ga regelmatig naar Parijs en ga zeker jouw guide uitproberen volgende keer! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Echt ontzettend leuk! Als ik naar Parijs ga ga ik deze zeker meenemen! xx

  4. Hee meis!
    Ik ga met oud en nieuw naar Parijs met mijn vriend, we willen eten en uitgaan. Weet jij of er nog leuke feesten zijn of whats the place to be that night :D?

    Liefs Chantall

  5. Ik ga morgen naar Parijs en zit al de hele dag enthousiast naar je kaart te kijken!
    Er zijn zeker veel dingen die ik wil en ga zien!


  6. Just wanted to thank you so much for this map, I visited some of the places you mentioned (Chez Raspoutine was actually one of my favourites). Thanks!

  7. Hi can I ask what kind of font you use as title? Thanks!