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A young, fashion-forward, collection of some good looking paper. Meet, PRESTAGE. Talent, that's what's this magazine is all about. Driven to share their passion for the best of Dutch creativity. A platform that shares known and unknown Dutch talent with the world. A modern magazine, with an individual strong look & feel that leaves us begging for more. With a focus on fashion, photography and illustrations this mag makes my eyes go big and sparkly of excitement. 

On top of all, I feel proud of my old classmate who shares the title of Editor in Chief, go Puck!  You are the evidence that if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.

More information, please check out their Facebook here.


  1. wil hem zeker eens zien, ziet er mooi uit!

  2. Love this magazine!
    xo Madeleine

  3. leuk leuk:)!! klinkt heel leuk! jmmr dat ik er niet bij kon zijn. Super excited intern @PUP Amsterdam next year (zij hadden de launch party georganiseerd)! watch out.. creative people. I'll be looking for you:)

  4. Dat zijn nog eens goeie nederlandse projecten! Dat is wat we willen!

  5. Ziet er goed uit!