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Yes, believe it or not, but I'm giving away two tickets for the 'Holland's Next Fashion Victim' party on the 1st of July at the Westerunie Amsterdam aka the Unofficial Official Openings Party Amsterdam Fashion Week. A party sponsored by Bristol, "Holland's #1 Haute Couture brand" promises a night full of fashion, beauty and styling of nobody other then Fred van Leer and DJ's Joost van Bellen, WhenHarryMetSally and SecretCinema.

Pick a celebrity you believe has grown into an extreme fashion victim. Leave a comment with the name of the celebrity and the explanation behind your choice. On the 29th of June I will announce the winner ! How exciting !

More information, click here.


  1. Very exciting! Can I please pick two; Diane Kruger and Lady Gaga. The first because not only is she often dressed fantastic, but she's also kind of a small victim. Although she's one of Karl Lagerfeld's friends it also seems that he sometimes owns her a bit … dragging her along to La Croisette in Cannes to play Jeu de Boules for only 15 minutes. Lady Gaga the second is obviously drawn to very extreme fashion, but for me wearing a meat-suit turns you into a victim, because after a few hours it will probably smell awful

  2. What a great idea! :)

    Despite of Lady Gaga, who came to my mind first because she seems more like a victim than a fashion idol (matter of taste though), I'd say Emma Watson became a die-hard fashion victim. She's preppy, chic, outstanding and gorgeous. She sets her own trends and never minded what others think. Her way of growing from a little cutie-pie-girl to a lady with an extraordinary taste/sense of style was interesting to follow and I'm amazed by her beauty. I actually like to get inspired by her styles.

    xx M.

  3. Uuh I like this idea!

    Ok the first one that comes in mind is ... lil´Suri Cruise... I mean let´s be honest a 5 year old with a wardrobe worth millions.. sounds like Victim de la Mode for sure...

    But if I have to choose from celebrities who are mature enough to pay for their own clothes I have to see.... Fergie.. I just don´t know what´s up with her style. It seems like some times SHE doesn´t know. She has one faux pas after another. Its just crazy.. I believe that a fashion victim is someone who doesn´t have a style or own signature of Fashion. She will replace this by holding on to every trend that´s IN or just base her outfits on some big names in fashion. And that´s Fergie´s problem ...maybe she need a stylist to help her figure out her style and what looks good on her body.... I don´t know... still Loving her music though :D!!

    Here´s Fergie last thursday at the amFAR Paris Inspiration Gala

    What did I tell you of the Name dropping?...



  4. AND THE WINNER IS...........

    LaVieFleurit !

    Thank you all for participating. I will contact LaVieFleurit tonight for ticket arrangements.

    Hope to see you on my blog some time.

    Love, Liza Chloe