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Secret II: obsessed with nailpolish

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 Last week one of my friends, Nicole, asked me what my fashion obsession is. I immediatly knew it. My passion for nailpolish is crazy! I have ANY colour that excists (about 150) 
and feel naked without them! Opi, Essie and American Apparel are my most beloved brands!
Nicole just became Elle's new Junior Fashion Editor ! I'm so proud of her ! I'm sure she'll make beautiful productions! 

What is your favorite nail polish colour?

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  1. Hello...
    First off all I really like your blog! Congreets with your friend Nicole that she become a Junior Fashion Editor. I'm collection nailpolisches too. I have like 25 now and most of them are sweet pink colours. Even that's not my favorite colour, it's so sweet to have the colours! Mostly I'm wearing the colours Catrice caught on the red carpet (070), Alessandro golden hush (929) and Catrice clay-ton, my hero (230). And in the weekends if I'm bored or somethings wearing a glitter and glamour nailpolisch, which is hard to get it off again.. I always regret when I put it on, hihi.
    You should try the Clay-ton, My hero... It's a really lovely colour.

    Have a nice weekend,